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Igor Eichinger
Category Manager Microelectronics

intelligent fluids GmbH
Karl-Heine-Straße 99, 04229 Leipzig


Photoresist Stripper

Photoresist Stripper

  • removes positive and negative photoresists gently, fast and efficient
  • suitable for use in the fields of LED, Discrete, Analog/Mixed Signal, MEMS and Display Manufacturing
  • peak performance in Photoresist Stripping and Metal Lift-off
  • photoresists are undercut, fragmented and completely removed from substrate surfaces in a range from sub-micron up to 250 µm


  • water-based
  • pH neutral
  • no flashpoint
  • non-toxic
  • selective to metals and wafer materials
  • excellent compatibility to all filter pore sizes
  • readily biodegradable
  • dermatologically approved

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