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Patented Technology: Wet Physics Replaces Wet Chemistry

Solvent-based, aggressive chemicals are still used for stripping or the removal of residues despite of considerable risks and numerous disadvantages. Until now! Due to a unique, groundbreaking technology, pioneering intelligent fluids® are setting new trends. It’s time to say goodbye to toxic and harmful chemicals – time has come for intelligent fluids®.

The highly sensitive fields of applications in microelectronics and semiconductor industry demand high quality standards regarding the removal of contaminations and various coatings. Intelligent fluids are able to gently remove persistent layers during the process of wafer fabrication as well as to clean equipment from lacquers and persistant organic layers without using solvent-based chemicals.

Due to the innovative technology adherent organic layers are penetrated, fragmented, undercut and finally detached without harming sensitive surfaces. No chemical etching or dissolving processes take place.

Intelligent fluids® are highly effective and offer significant advantages: They achieve outstanding and fast performances while at the same time are reducing process costs. Furthermore, they are lacking toxic or potentially harmful chemicals and meet today´s standards for eco-friendliness by using only biodegradable and pH neutral ingredients.


Intelligent fluids® are free from harmful or dangerous substances. The innovative technology employed in intelligent fluids® is safe for users, equipment and environment.

  • waterbased
  • physical function
  • biodegradable
  • dematologically approved
  • non-inflammable
  • pH neutral
  • thermodynamically stable
Patented Technology: Wet Physics Replaces Wet Chemistry


  • highly dynamic fluids with molecular teamwork
  • customized product design based on proven and safe ingredients 
  • gentle physical detaching instead of aggressive, chemical dissolving processes 
  • particularly suitable for organic layers on inorganic substrates
  • wide field of application due to lipophilic and hydrophilic properties
  • easy disposal by rinsing with water or alcohol
Patented Technology: Wet Physics Replaces Wet Chemistry
intelligent fluids®: Lift-off Effect

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